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Electronic starting and regulating device (electronic ballast-150/250.PLC)

Electronic starting and regulating device (electronic ballast-150/250.PLC)

Application: startup, individual control and monitoring of operation modes of outdoor lighting luminaires, equipped with arc sodium lamp of DNaT type of nominal power rate of 150 and 250 W, and data transfer function via power line 0.2/0.4 kV.

Basic functions

  • "starting" high-pressure sodium arc lamp/ DNaT 150/250 W lamp by applying voltage with limited starting current;
  • remote luminaire brightness control in the 40…100% range via power line 0.2/0.4 kV;
  • data retransmission via power line 0.2/0.4 kV;
  • stabilization of lamp power during the whole period of its operation;
  • protection against operation at reduced network voltage;
  • protection against overheating;
  • protection against lamp open-circuit failure;
  • dispatching control of process parameters:
    • lamp status (on/off, short circuit, “old” lamp, overheating);
    • luminaire temperature;
    • power line voltage;
    • output voltage of electronic starting and regulating device (ESRD).


  • power line operation voltage: 180-250 V;
  • frequency of power line current: 50-60 Hz;
  • rated power output: 150, 250 W
  • interface PLC (control signals transmission via power line 0.2/0.4 kV, GOST R 51317.3.8-99, CENELEC Band B, 95-125 kHz);
  • shutdown temperature during protection against overheating: (80 ± 5) °C;
  • working temperature range during operation: (-45…+50) °С;
  • casing material: aluminum;
  • enclosure class: IP-65;
  • electromagnetic compatibility: in compliance with GOST R 50656-2001, 51317.3.2-2006, 51317.3.3-2008, 51318.15-99;
  • sizes (L×W×H): 170×96×68 mm;
  • weight: up to 1,5 kg;
  • time of service: over 10 years.

GKU-150/250-ESRD-PLC factory-assembled lighting fixture

Lighting fixture with 150 W and 250 W high-pressure sodium arc lamps is used for lighting streets, highways, yard lighting and other outdoor lighting purposes. The lighting fixture is made of cast aluminum alloy with integrated electronic electronic ballast-PLC starting controller.