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Outdoor lighting control unit (OLCU)

Outdoor lighting control unit (OLCU)

Application: startup/shutdown of outdoor lighting load lines of existing power unit of outdoor lighting installations.

Basic functions:

  • lighting control with 4 modes schedule (morning, day, evening, night);
  • control of startup/shutdown of outgoing lines separately from each phase of outdoor lighting;
  • control of startup/shutdown of outdoor lighting lines at the signal of previous cascade;
  • local control in manual mode;
  • autonomous operation of automation systems from emergency power source if power line voltage fails within 24 hours (when employed jointly with data transfer unit);
  • storing the settings of automation systems in case of power voltage failure;
  • protection from unauthorized access to power unit;
  • control of:
    • control mode (automatic, manual, remote, emergency);
    • lighting mode (morning, day, evening, night);
    • voltage and current or each phase;
    • status of automatic breakers of outgoing lines (if employed jointly with protection unit of outgoing lines);
    • presence/absence of voltages on outgoing lines;
    • electronics power up from emergency power source;
    • presence of power line voltage;
    • power unit access.


  • power source: from any phase of power unit or from external volatile power source;
  • nominal value of power supply voltage: ~(220+10%-15%) V;
  • nominal frequency: (50±1) Hz;
  • capability of supplying from emergency power source (12+10%-15%) V of direct current;
  • quantity of outgoing lines: up to 4;
  • interface: RS-232/485;
  • working temperature range during operation: (-45…+40) °С;
  • enclosure class: IP54;
  • sizes (H×W×D): 266×160×105 mm;
  • weight: up to 1,5 kg;
  • time of service: over 10 years;
  • guaranteed service life: 3 years.