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About the company

ADS Energiya, LLC is a dynamic manufacturing company that develops, manufactures and deploys energy-efficient monitoring products and smart control solutions for street and architectural lighting systems.

Our products include:
  • automated power stations (APS) for light lines with integrated automation and monitoring systems;
  • integrated automated control modules (IACM) for outdoor lighting systems that can be installed in existing light line power stations;
  • individual brightness control and management units built into luminairies equipped with APS (IACM) two-way communication modules transmitting signals via the power line (PLC-modems);
  • load control units with PLC-modems that enable remote engagement/disengagement of load and feature automatic disconnection of load on overcurrent;
  • automated supervisory control systems (ASCS) and geographic information systems (GIS) software.
What are the benefits of cooperation with our company?
  • deployment of world-class high-end technologies and innovative in-house designs of IT and automation systems in creative partnership with researchers from South Ural State University (National research university);
  • flexible engineering policy that offers individual approach to each client's request;
  • broad experience in developing designs of outdoor lighting automation projects and their defense with the state expert review board;
  • highly experienced and friendly staff;
  • competitive price achieved due to in-house manufacturing of products using the best choice of domestic and imported component parts;
  • permanent storage of manufactured products and flexible pricing for regional partners;
  • continuous quality control and 3-year warranty for all products.

Responsibility and experience is the top priority for our company.

We invite to partner with us for mutual benefit if you are any of the following:

  • street lighting and illumination systems O&M companies;
  • major industrial enterprises with extensive outdoor and shop lighting systems;
  • construction and installation companies;
  • system integrator companies interested in promoting energy-efficient lighting control systems in their own regions.

Best regards, ADS Energiya, LLC.