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Power line data transfer unit (DTU-PLC)

Power line data transfer unit (DTU-PLC)

Application: conversion and control signals transmission via power line 0.2/0.4 kV.

Basic functions

  • interface conversion RS-485/PLC;
  • network establishment for PLC-devices (router);
  • gathering of equipment parameters of PLC-devices' network;
  • generation individual and group control commands of actuation devices.


  • interfaces: RS-485/PLC;
  • analog inputs (0…10 В): 3 items;
  • data transfer lines of control and monitoring signals: power supply network 0.2/0.4 kV, 50/60 Hz;
  • power supply: 5-40V direct voltage source;
  • power consumption: up to 10W;
  • working temperature range during operation: (-40…+50) °С;
  • enclosure class: IP-21;
  • sizes (L×W×H): 190×54×57 mm;
  • weight: up to 0.15 kg;
  • time of service: over 10 years;
  • guaranteed service life: 3 years.