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771-88-88central office

267-93-69subsidiary office

Data transfer unit (DTU)

Data transfer unit (DTU)

Application: data exchange between outdoor lighting control unit (OLCU) and control center.

Features: maintains autonomous operation of automation of outdoor lighting control unit (OLCU) and connection systems from emergency power source during absence of phase voltage of power line within 24 hours.

General characteristics:

  • control center transmission channel (basic version): GSM/GPRS networks or Ethernet;
  • interfaces: RS-232;
  • no-break power supply source: 220/12V, 4.5 ampere-hour;
  • working temperature range during operation: (-45…+50) °С;
  • degree of casing protection: IP54;
  • sizes (H×W×D): 300×250×120 mm;
  • weight: up to 5 kg;
  • time of service: over 10 years;
  • guaranteed service life: 3 years.