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Automated supervisory
control systems of outdoor lighting

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Welcome to ADS Energiya official website!

The ADS Energiya is a private business created to develop automated systems for energy-efficient street and architectural lighting control.

Street lighting networks in modern cities are power-hungry systems. Their proper arrangement is a considerable prerequisite for their maintenance costs, as well as the living comfort and safety of city residents. Besides, based on the experience of their service, over 40% of overall municipal energy consumption is accounted for lighting demands.

Deployment of new control and management technologies in street lighting systems allows a significant reduction in energy consumption and operating costs. Our researches have studied domestic and foreign operating practices to find out that over 50% of all operating expenses can be eliminated if modern energy-efficient technologies are introduced to the full scale into the street lighting systems.

Taking into account the priority of energy-saving policy that is being pursued in the Russian Federation today, we offer you to consider the possibility of developing energy-efficient city street lighting control systems based on innovative products manufactured by our company. These systems will ensure maximum energy saving potential, reduction of O&M costs, and high quality of lighting for comfortable living and road traffic safety.

As of today, we have successfully deployed street lighting monitoring and energy-efficient control systems in a number of Russian cities, particularly in Chelyabinsk Region.

Please take a look at ADS Energiya products of shown on this website. If you are interested in our products, we will be happy to provide you all the necessary extra details concerning the structure, specifications and cost efficiency of our completed projects.

You may send your requests to our corporate e-mail: , or call us at +7 (351) 771-88-88