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PolyTER Hardware and Software Suite (HSS)

PolyTER Hardware and Software Suite (HSS)

Purpose: automated dispatch control and commercial energy consumption accounting (and related energy sources).

Features: PolyTER HSS is included in the State Register of measuring instrument – measuring instruments type approval certificate RU.C.34.010.A №50791 dated 22.05.2013.


  • scalability (from a local installation on one PC to enterprise network solutions);
  • support of various data transmission technologies: Fiber Optic, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS/CSD, SMS, Radio-Channel, PLC;
  • support of MODBUS, IEC 61107-2001, HTTP, OPC-communication technology protocol standards;
  • support of specialized protocols of power consumption metering instruments, possibility to implement non-standard data exchange protocols;
  • database server is controlled by Oracle DBMS;
  • remote viewing of manual control data via the Internet;
  • possibility of flexible integration with existing elements of outdoor lighting ACS produced by other manufacturers.

Software main functions:

  • full-featured real-time SCADA system;
  • displaying object-related data in form of interactive mnemonics, tables, graphs and reports;
  • development and runtime environment integration in a single software product;
  • support of several concurrent users;
  • access authorization and restriction (list of available options and mnemonics is defined by user access rights);
  • keeping processes logs at specified intervals;
  • event logging, including variations of process parameters outside specified limits, equipment failures, etc.;
  • emergency alarm system with sound signal to dispatcher operator station;
  • displaying trend time of process parameters;
  • generating reports about volume and parameters of power consumption with possibility to export data to MS Office Word, Excel applications;
  • unrestricted system configuration (by administrator) that includes creating and modifying an object tree, set of parameters, mnemonics, graphs, and list of user rights.