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Automated control system of outdoor lighting – PolyTER

PolyTER is designed for automated monitoring, energy consumption tracking and operational control of lighting systems installed in cities and large industrial enterprises.

Automated control system of outdoor lighting – PolyTER

Рис. 1 – Automated control system of outdoor lighting – PolyTER

PolyTER hardware configuration

Higher control level:

Automated control systems of outdoor lighting controlling unit, including fixed and mobile automated workstations, database server, and software:

  • automated energy management system and automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption;
  • geographic information system (GIS) for monitoring equipment operation, conditioning of outdoor lighting installations and monitoring use of ancillary vehicles.

Middle control level:

  • unitized automated switching points (ASP) for outdoor lighting lines;
  • outdoor lighting automatic control units (OLACUs) pluggable into existing switching points;
  • outdoor lighting load control cabinet (LCC).

Field control level:

  • pluggable into lighting fixtures individual control and brightness control modules equipped with two-way communication units with timing relays/OLACUs on 0.2/0.4 kV power line (PLC-modems);
  • control units for urban illumination and backlit promos with PLC modems provide local consumers remote switching on and off with automatic load shedding in case of over-current.

PolyTER basic functions

  • automatic individual and group control of lighting in accordance with daily schedule, including lighting dimming at night (usually from 0 to 5 a.m.), depending on road category, weather and traffic density;
  • automated dispatch control of lighting, including monitoring operation of the lighting systems equiment, including parameters and assessment of each individual lamp operation time in real time;
  • continuous monitoring of actual operation modes of urban lighting within the geographic information system, which allows to visualize objects (supports, automated power points, electric circuits, vehicle service centers) on the map of the area with reference to actual geographical location;
  • automated commercial metering of electric power consumption using multi-tariff meters and automatic data transfer to power supply company;
  • keeping an electronic database of technical certificates and budgeting outdoor lighting installations power consumption.

Features and options

  • PolyTER can operate using variety of wired and wireless data transmission technologies, including cellular, fiber-optic, telephone lines, radio channel, transmitting data over power lines;
  • PolyTER features a modular hierarchical structure, that, together with the use of open standards for information exchange (DALI, OPC,Modbus, etc.), enables flexible integration of PolyTER with lighting control elements from other manufacturers for the sake of further comprehensive and up-to-date development of existing urban lighting control systems.